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Meetup April 23rd, 2022

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for making this event a success. Especially Angie Deitz! She worked so hard at making this all possible and it showed! The camaraderie, professionalism, passion, and love for what we do came out in full force today!! Thank you Jessica Wilkinson, Jim Powers, Mike Steltz, Ryan Clark, Brian Hager, Ricky Deitz, and Jaime Corbett for taking the time to bring cars out and sharing them today.

We had special guests Sugar + Spoon join us serving up some amazing cookie dough!! Thank you William and Tyler for your time today and your wonderful goodies!!

We had an amazing time at Strawberry Lanes to end our event and gave away some great prizes. Our 50/50 winner was Jessica Wilkinson. Door prize winners were Shawna Martin, Brandon Lovely, Sena Curtis, and Jaime Corbett. Jerry and Steve Boney from Boney Motorsports were very gracious and donated cash for a surprise drawing, so we did 2 draws for the bowling participants, and Jessica Wilkinson won 1 and 2021 hornet champ Peyton Hopp won the 2nd, $100 each!! Thank you very much Steve and Jerry.

We are really looking forward to this amazing touring season, thank you all!!


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